Monday, May 13, 2013

Album Review: Leerone "Heart Shaped Bullets"

The name of the newest Leerone CD is “Heart Shaped Bullets”. This very talented independent singer/songwriter/musician saunters onto this new record, guns blazing. Listeners have been put on notice.

The first song “Use My Lips” has got a slow swagger peppered with synth. The backdrop is the perfect canvas for the singer to come in and breathlessly dominate the lyric.

Later on the record behind a charging guitar Leerone dives into the story of what the narrator would “do to you Suzanne,” were she a man.  The imagined Leerone gender-bending really hits on familiar themes for this singer. So often her songs capitalize on the guy/girl cat and mouse games in love and relationships.

Leerone takes a bit of a turn on a song like “Feel.” This tune begins with the sound of a very old-timey, clock-tower-at-midnight, last dance at the prom love song. By the songs end though the choir behind and her impressive vocal reaches high and fills up the space as though she were leading a revival chorus.

“Cherry Red” has the feel of an industrial/punk song, “She’s Your Bird” and “Pleased to Meet” have the ambling westward sound and story familiar of classic songwriters like Johnny Cash, so that by the time the albums conclusion comes around with “Trouble” we are reminded why we love Leerone. Her elegant breathy voice and high register piano playing are wonderfully melded with some classy production values. The conclusion of “Heart Shaped Bullets” is reflective, sultry and celebratory so that when the talented songstress asks:

“do I wanna gamble,
sit at your table,
be able to find me some trouble?”

As the listener, you are there with her, watching her, captivated. You can’t even help the fact that your leg’s pushing the seat out opposite you.

That’s when you know that you’re about to find yourself in some trouble too.

“Heart Shaped Bullets” is available on iTunes. Connect with Leerone at her website, on YouTube, or MySpace.

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