Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Coast - Mohegan Sun - 4/6/13

Montville, CT - 4/6/13

Green Day was the entree of the day but their opening act came first. Working in their favor the opening act, “Best Coast” came onstage three minutes early which was really great. 

Best Coast is a surf/pop outfit from California and from all accounts they appear to just be a duo though there were 4 musicians onstage tonight. 

The lead singer and guitar player Bethany Cosentino, came out saying she was “wearing a sparkly dress.” We were all just glad that she came out not just on time but even a few minutes early!

The first song that they played was the song “Crazy for You.”  The song was okay but I just couldn’t get over how tiny they all looked on this pretty sizable stage. I understand that it’s not “their” stage but the lighting designers could have done something for them so that they didn’t appear so spread out. I mean, at the very least, just stand closer together!

As I mentioned Ms. Cosentino sang the lead vocal and played some guitar.  Her vocal line reminded me a little of The Breeders, Jen Trynin or a half-hearted Lucinda Williams.  She really sounded like she was giving it her all but her vocals were very much overpowered by the wash of loud guitar and bass.

They played a few other songs, all of which generally sounded the same. We were in the seats that lined the floor and it was a little sad epitaph for the times because as the set progressed and people’s interest waned you saw so many tablets and cell phone screens illuminated on the floor of the arena.  At least there was a time for opening acts when you could think you had your audience engaged.  Today apathetic audiences just flip open their phones akin to turning  the cold shrug shoulder.

"Best Coast" weren’t bad. It’s just a lot of their songs were awash in sameness. And you are going to have a tough sell somewhere like Eastern Connecticut when you say you're from California and you call yourself "Best Coast."  

However they were quick to get on and they honored their half hour time slot and they got offstage quickly enough.

A restless audience for sure, the biggest applause thus far this night happened as soon as they said goodnight.

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