Friday, March 1, 2013

Neomythics "Beautiful Blackout"

If you're wondering what's happened to music lately, recent samplings from Neomythics give rock and roll some kind of hope. Call it post-modern rock with plaintively descriptive lyrics wrought from and borne of a world brought up behind the shadow of their laptop screen.

This video "Beautiful Blackout" is a wrenching account and it tells the story of star-crossed lovers even if it's not a mutual cross. Taking its cues from the Japanese animation Anime, the press kit says this song is said to explore "the beauty and darkness of a relationship."

Neomythics is the project of Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe. Their 12 song release is called "New Corporate Resistance," and is something that disillusioned grunge rock fans who still opine for 1992 should certainly keep an eye on.

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